U-City Sci Fi Lounge: Last Show 6/19/10

15 06 2010

Alley Entrance to Sci Fi LoungeLike buried treasure in a quaint U-City neighborhood, the Sci Fi lounge has been serving as music venue gold in the local music community. Unfortunately, the location that seems more like a secluded, nerdy getaway will soon be hosting its last show this Saturday.

Known for events such as AV club night, Punch Drunk Comedy, and most recognized as a place to hear good music, the Sci Fi Lounge has been a destination for gamers, artists, and musicians alike. However, the Sci Fi Lounge is set to shut its doors after its last Story Tellers performance.

Story Tellers IV

Story Tellers is a concert made up of musicians who tell the stories behind the songs they sing. Rather than wondering “Hey! Why is that girl singing about cats and plastic wrap?, you can hear it straight from the performer’s mouth (the cat and plastic wrap example was just a random combination… forgive me).

The all-ages show will be a great way to hear 9 local artists and it only costsInside venue $4 to get in. Most importantly, the proceeds from the cover charge will go to the Mental Health Organization of Eastern Missouri.

Goodbye Sci Fi Lounge…maybe

If you haven’t already been to the Sci Fi Lounge, I personally recommend it. Decorated with nostalgic 80’s toys, storm troopers, and splashes of green light, it’s like watching a band play in a groovy toy store.The venue has such a laid back, fun, and homey feel that I’d hate for you to miss out. This is one of my favorite places in St. Louis and I hope you can check it out before the doors close.

According to owner, Coyote, the venue may find a new home in Crestwood sometime this August. No concrete plans yet but Sci Fi fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Once again don’t miss out on the last show EVER at Sci Fi Lounge’s current, kick-butt location.          SATURDAY JUNE  19TH 2PM-7PM

Performers Include:

  • Justin Church
  • Andy Hyland
  • Susan Norene
  • Eric Ketzer
  • Catharine Goeke
  • Brian Judge
  • Lola Hennicke
  • John Krane
  • Chris Sic

Be sure to check out the Story Tellers Part IV event page on facebook!

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